První pomocPrvní pomoc
Videa, interaktivní kvízy a návody krok za krokem – první pomoc. pro iOS
Zvíře v nouziZvíře v nouzi
pro iOS
více na stránce projektu. pro iOS
AED v BrněAED v Brně
iBook o použití Automatického Externího Defibrilátoru.
pro Android, více na stránce projektu.
Horská službbaHorská služba
pro iOS
aplikace pro Android, více se dozvíte na stránce projektu
Prvni pomocPrvni pomoc
pro Android
V Případě NouzeV Případě Nouze
plná verze aplikace
SMS od hasičůSMS od hasičů
pro Android
Hasiči - SMS poplachHasiči - SMS poplach
pro Android
Horská službaHorská služba
pro Android
CZ HelpCZ Help
pro Android
Prvá pomocPrvá pomoc
pro Android
Horska službaHorska služba
pro Windows Phone
Stavy a průtokyStavy a průtoky
sleduje měřící stanice na tocích spadajících pod Povodí Labe. Na jednotlivých stanicích jsou k dispozici povodňové stupně, geografická lokalizace stanice, tendenční grafy, naměřené hodnoty. Uživatel si může nastavit sledování výšky hladiny nebo průtoku a při jejím překročení bude upozorněn notifikační zprávou.
Animovaná aplikace pro praktický nácvik volání na tísňové linky. Vhodná pro žáky základních škol, ale vlastně i pro všechny ostatní :-) Vyberete si krizovou situaci a pozorně si všímejte detailů v animacích.
Oficiální aplikace Českého hydrometeorologického ústavu Aladin je zde pro všechny, které zajímá opravdová předpověď počasí, která na poli chytrých zařízení nemá obdoby. pro iOS
Hlášení nehodyHlášení nehody
Aplikace nahrazuje papírový euroformulář pro hlášení autonehody pojišťovně. Využívat ji mohou klienti Allianz
Rescue KitRescue Kit
Car accident? Injured, while hiking up in the mountains? Earthquake? Have you been in such crisis situations? You should always be prepared. Our Rescue Kit can help you! In fact, it should be installed in the iPhone of every driver, hiker, mountain climber or traveler.
ReliefWeb VideosReliefWeb Videos
by United Nations for iOS
mapování pro projekt MissingMapMapování k projektu Missingmaps pro Lékaře bez hranic, pro iOS a Amdroid
pro Android
Relief CentralRelief Central
pro iOS
pro iOS, post-disaster family reunification tool. After a disaster, the U.S. National Library of Medicine's PEOPLE LOCATOR (R), opens an event. The app can be used for reporting and searching missing or found person information within those disaster events.
pro iOS
pro Android
DRR RescueDRR Rescue
pro iOS
SMS Gateway pro Android
Disaster AlertDisaster Alert
Pacific Disaster Center's World Disaster Alerts pro iOS
pro IOS
ReliefWeb CrisesReliefWeb Crises
Get an overview of the most pressing humanitarian crises. Pro iOS
zabezpečený způstob předávání zpráv, pro iOS
Field Handbook and useful documents for expert deployments into response and preparedness missions in natural disasters. Pro iOS.
methodology to guide countries affected by a sudden-onset disaster causing large-scale structural collapse, as well as international USAR teams responding in the affected country. pro iOS
ReliefWeb HeadlinesReliefWeb Headlines
Stay informed on key humanitarian developments across the world. Pro iOS
contact information for each incident for rapid on-scene communication
Earthquakes Damage Assessments Manager
Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository
Global Air QualityGlobal Air Quality
Real Time Air Pollution Indices
zobrazuje kvalitu znečištění ovzduší v různých oblastech České republiky. Aplikace ukazuje statistiky jednotlivých látek, které znečištění způsobují.
Pandoras BoxPandoras Box
mapping radiation worldwide & lets the user know of over 4,000 environmental hazard locations
Hazard Risk ResilienceHazard Risk Resilience
research and knowledge exchange in hazard, risk and resilience
Earthquake LiteEarthquake Lite
Track and follow earthquakes now around the world in real time!
Swiftwater CalculatorSwiftwater Calculator
In a swiftwater rescue scenario, it is useful to determine how far a person in the water has travelled downstream so that the search area may be narrowed and more effectively conducted.
Rescue Field GuideRescue Field Guide
charts, diagrams, and how-to information
Map, Alerts, Earthquakes & Ash Clouds
Earthquake MonitorEarthquake Monitor
Alert and browse the latest earthquakes around the world
VAAC BrowserVAAC Browser
view the ash forecasts from the London VAAC
Europe AlertEurope Alert
earthquake and volcano alert application for the European-Mediterranean region
latest earthquake data for the Italian peninsula
Earthquakes Map, News, Alert & Info
#1 Earthquake app for iPhone and iPad, more than 500.000 active users, supports Apple Watch
Latest earthquakesLatest earthquakes
Earthquake Map, Alerts, and News
My Earthquake AlertsMy Earthquake Alerts
US & Worldwide Earthquakes
Earthquake Notifications
receive rapid and reliable info when an earthquake hits.
Quake Spotter FreeQuake Spotter Free
Map, List, Widget and Alerts
elegant earthquake utility. A simple easy to use interface will help you stay updated with the latest earthquake activity.
Earthquake Pro!Earthquake Pro!
Live USGS data, Filter options by Distance, Magnitude, or Time
faults and recent quakes around you; use your current location or enter an address.
Latest 30 Days Of Earthquakes
Disaster Alert Network. pro iOS
pro iOS
pro Android a iOS
iEarthquake LiteiEarthquake Lite
natural disasters; Earthquake, Tsunami Data feeds from official weather around the world.
Hazard NotifierHazard Notifier
Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, High Winds, Hail, Lightning, Flooding, Heavy Rain, Snow, Freezing Rain, Ice, Dense Fog, Dust Storms, Fire, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Debris Flow, Asteroids
ComRAD Disaster ReportingComRAD Disaster Reporting
for reporting disaster, which is situational report and damage assessment
SAMBRO mobileSAMBRO mobile
manage and deliver situational-awareness and alert messages to targeted recipients
Resgrid ResponderResgrid Responder
logistics, communication and management (LCM) system that can be used by fire departments (volunteer and career), police, emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), hazmat, CERT and other first responder or disaster response organizations to coordinate, communicate and manage personnel, resources (units/apparatuses), incident and reporting.
SchoolDude CrisisManagerSchoolDude CrisisManager
allows public school districts, private and independent schools, colleges and universities, to publish their safety, emergency, disaster, crisis and preparedness procedures into an easy-to-use, 100% mobile platform.
Poimapper PlusPoimapper Plus
data collection app. Build your own forms and use them to collect and update any type of data. Create reports, monitor progress, collect data even offline from the field. Set up user groups and validate data with status monitoring.
world emergency SOS emergency call app for all cases of emergency - Transmitting direct notice, police*, fire brigade*, emergency directing centers* & of course to persons of your trust.
Mobile Damage Assessment DeviceMobile Damage Assessment Device
data collection and measurement tool for emergency cleanup and disaster response initiatives.
local emergency alert app for public safety. When it comes to safety in your day-to-day life ping4alerts! is here to keep you informed and up to date on all your important local emergency alerts, critical news and events. You will receive location-based alerts based on your selected preferences and proximity to specific events.
Bug Out Bag ChecklistBug Out Bag Checklist
complete list of essential survival items on your mobile device with comprehensive descriptions, only one finger-tap away!
Crisisworks 4Crisisworks 4
Capture intelligence and report on disaster impacts
Bringing together a range of information critical to the event at hand, BART facilitates stronger communication between teams, safer working environments and quicker response times.
for use by hospital staff to aid in reuniting friends and family with mass disaster victims brought in for triage and hospitalization.
When disaster strikes, representatives of insurance companies and government agencies are often first on the scene to assess the damage and collect intelligence. Speed and accuracy in damage reporting are critical requiring a mobile solution for data gathering, photo and video documentation and precise geo-tagging of damage areas. RunMobile DARS (Damage Assessment Reporting Solution) is a mobile emergency management application that
onduct impact assessments and share data on the economic impact to property, infrastructure, environmental and social impacts.
Safety CheckSafety Check
you can in seconds warn that you are in danger and where. The GPS coordinates are also present to precisely locate you ( This will be use to send alert to your friend via SMS text - You can configure this option ). You can add a number to call when pressing the panic button.
GAR for Tangible Earth 2015GAR for Tangible Earth 2015
free Earth science application for learning about the past several decades in the life of our planet, and the role of the UNISDR.
data visualization and dissemination tool to facilitate the use of AIDS-related data in countries and globally.
Puget Sound FirstToSeePuget Sound FirstToSee
free, fast and confidential way to report valuable information about an emergency, disaster or damage. Your information is important. Reports are sent to a central database where federal, state, and local officials can view and respond to incidents. Sharing what you see or experience during an emergency helps responders make more informed decisions.
Incident situational awareness
UN Emergency NotificationsUN Emergency Notifications
updates and resources on emergency planning and management from the Emergency Preparedness and Support Team (EPST) at the United Nations Headquarters. The app also features a subscription service to receive emergency update notifications.
Alastar GPS TrackerAlastar GPS Tracker
allows users and command centers to securely locate their position within Alastar’s wide-area situational awareness platform.
Cared Safety ConfirmationCared Safety Confirmation
It aims to fill the information gap that usually occurs among stakeholders (government, business sector, relief and humanitarian organizations, and disaster victims) in the aftermath of a disaster.
OpenMRS ClientOpenMRS Client
Features: - Login to any OpenMRS installation - Search for patients - Add patients to the database - View patient visits and vitals - Record a patient's vitals - Take visit notes - Fill out patient XForms - Use the app offline. You can store selected patients to an encrypted database on your device, then access them anywhere in the world. To log in to a demo server and test the app, use these credentials: - Host: - Username: admin - Password: Admin123
ACAPS CrisisAlertACAPS CrisisAlert
All latest humanitarian crisis information in your hand
Průtoky PrahaPrůtoky Praha
zobrazuje aktuální informace o průtocích a vodních stavech z vybraných limnigrafických stanic na území hl. m. Prahy a Středočeského kraje. Veškerá uváděná data jsou bez záruky. Prezentovaná data jsou pouze informativního charakteru a nenahrazují povinnosti předpovědní a hlásné povodňové služby stanovené platnou legislativou.
Zajímá vás kde se ve vašem okolí nacházejí přírodní zdroje vody? Chcete si v okolí nabrat pitnou vodu ze studánky? Potom je tato aplikace určena přesně pro vás.
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